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Many, but not all, clients enjoy doing some volunteer work when they come to Tanzania. Since Maggie has a pulse on the local communities, she can work with these communities to see what their needs are at the time you are guests in their country. An example might be building desks for school children, cooking and sharing a meal with local people which involves visiting local markets, making jewelry with women, or participating in conservation activities.

Also, if you are looking for a “soul-filled” experience, volunteering at Dare Women’s Foundation is an option. Born of her passion for helping women and families in Tanzania, Maggie formally founded Dare in 2013 although her efforts had begun back in 2005. This grassroots local NGO (Non Government Organization) is important because it works with people directly impacted by its work and seeks their input vs. organizations outside their country coming in to say what they will do for these people.

volunteer 1 - 500The work they do is to empower women and children through feminine hygiene care, formal and informal education, conservation and entrepreneurship. All levels of skills are welcomed! Click here to learn more about the Dare Women’s Foundation.

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