What is Sustainable and Responsible Tourism?

Our company has adopted a definition of sustainable tourism as follows:


Our Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

Maggie’s Tour Company Limited’s Responsible Tourism commitment is based on pillars:
Education, Conservation, Community Tourism, and Livelihood.
Our company has adopted two approaches towards responsible and sustainable tourism and we group them into: Internal and External practices.
Our internal practices include being committed to reducing our environmental impact through continually improving our sustainability performance with the full engagement of our staff. Please see our “Maggie’s Tours Company Limited: Responsible Sustainability Policy”

Our company is collaborating with a local NGO The Dare Women Foundation which supports our internal practices and leads to recycling plastic water bottles and make Eco friendly stools. In addition, We also encourage and expect that our clients to respect nature and humanity and leave the places we visit in good shape. Our job is to help our clients. Please see our “Maggie’s Tours Company Limited: Sustainable Tourism Resources and Tips”
As a sustainable company, we encourage our clients to learn about and become familiar with what “sustainable tourism” is before they travel with us.

Maggie’s Tour Company Limited collaborates with local NGO The Dare Women’s Foundation, which supports our external practices and helps to empower women, girls and men through community-led programs and initiatives. Below are some examples of the programs we support through this program:

  • Plastic water bottle recycling program that makes eco-friendly stools.
  • Reusable sanitary napkin program that teaches and encourage feminine hygiene and reduces waste.
  • Community and school tree planting programs that conserve our natural s_______

Maggie’s Tours Company Limited Responsible Sustainability Policy

Maggie’s Tour Company Limited is committed to reducing our environmental impact. We are fully aware of our global role in the conservation of our environment and communities. We understand and comply with all relevant legal requirements and ensure that all social, humanitarian, environmental, and economic objectives by law are observed. We are dedicated to continually improving our sustainability performance with the full support and participation of our staff.

We are committed and aim to achieve the following:

  1. Reduce the consumption of primary raw materials (including fossil fuels, water, and energy) and prevent pollution and environmental damage where possible.
    • We stress the importance of the following to everyone:
    • a) switching off all electrical equipment and lights when not in use.
    • b) reducing carbon monoxide by refraining from having our vehicle engines idling when parked or at a prolonged stop.
    • c) reducing water waste by turning off the tap when brushing teeth and lathering up during showers.
  2. Minimize waste production and divert it from landfill supporting reduce, reuse, recycle and recovery plan.
  3. Encourage and demonstrates sustainable approaches to the built environment in our refurbishment and maintenance projects.
  4. Consider sustainability in the procurement of goods and services, as well as encourage bulk buying where appropriate..
  5. Advocate strongly for garbage separation (compost, recycle and trash) and green commuting and transportation.
  6. Encourage sustainable practices by staff and all travel partners (includes” hotels, airlines, and clients).
  7. Work with conservation organizations that support environment, community, and wildlife protection.

Maggie’s Tours Company Limited Sustainable Tourism Tips for Clients

Before you travel:

  1. The more you know about your destination before arriving, the more the destination will come alive. Look into the destination’s history, culture, natural environment, customs, legends, advisory notices and more.
  2. Learn a few words in the local language. Making an effort to speak the local language allows you to interact with the people who know the site best. People appreciate your efforts and your interest in learning. Simple words like “Hello”, “Please” and “Thank you” can go a long way.
  3. Pack light. It is tempting to pack everything you think you might need, but remember to be smart about your necessities. If traveling to a developing country, the local laundry service is affordable and is appreciated income to local service providers.

During your travels and while on a Maggie’s Tour:

  1. We encourage you to engage in our local culture. Your trip provides a unique opportunity to explore a new culture and to see the world through a different perspective. Remember that eating local foods, shopping in local markets, and attending local festivals are all part of experiencing the culture.
  2. We do not support any activities that account for unethical human or animal interactions. We believe in responsible tourism that supports respectful interaction, authentic cultural heritage and wildlife experiences that make visiting places in Africa special.
  3. We believe in keeping wildlife wild and support formal conservation organizations and their endeavors to secure the survival of Africa’s wildlife species.
  4. Obey all game laws and regulations. We insist that our clients respect the fact that our guides are bound by these laws and regulations.
  5. Please respect all instructions and guidance from your professional Guides and Drivers.
  6. Leave no trace. Aim to leave the environment as you found it. Please do not litter. Our destinations are exceptional due to their natural or cultural splendor. Do your part to keep them that way by following designated trails, respecting caretakers, and not removing archaeological or biological treasures from sites.
  7. We don’t approach wildlife too closely. We follow the recommended distance of at least 25 meters away. Please don’t ask you guide or driver to get closer.
  8. To minimize the disturbance to wildlife please don’t make too much noise during game drives.
  9. Never give food to any animal in the wild.
  10. Do not pick plants or flowers.
  11. Buy local products and services. Choosing to support locally owned businesses, community tour operators, and artisans means that you’ll have a one-of-a-kind experience, and your money will go directly to the community. Before purchasing goods, ask about their origin. Avoid buying products made from threatened natural resources and report poaching and other illegal activities to the local authorities.
  12. Do not buy or trade any articles which are covered under the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species. This includes ivory, turtle products, rhino horn, furs, butterflies and many plant species.
  13. Refrain from aggressive bargaining. It’s often difficult to know your limits in bargaining so if you’re not sure, ask your local guide for tips. Remember that the purchases you make directly affect vendors’ livelihoods, so decide if you really need to hang onto that extra dollar or if it could impact the vendor more.
  14. As a courtesy, please ask a person before taking their picture.
  15. Human trafficking including child prostitution is illegal and should be reported immediately.
  16. Discourage begging. Do not give out sweets, school supplies or money to people, especially children on the streets. It is better to give through local organizations, churches, or schools.

After your travels:

  1. Distribute your responsible travel tips. In addition to telling family and friends about the wonderful memories you made, also consider sharing tips on how they too can positively impact the World while having an amazing journey.
  2. Share your photos. Pictures can say a thousand words.
  3. Explore more. Traveling is just the start of learning. Once you return home continue exploring and being involved with the issues or our region that captured your attention.
  4. Give back. Traveling often opens your eyes and heart to something new.

Maggie’s Tours Company Limited Sustainability policy states that ________

Maggie’s Tours Company Limited is committed to reducing environmental impact.

We are fully aware of our global role in the conservation of our environment and our communities. We understand and comply with all relevant legal requirements and ensure that all social and humanitarian objectives by law are observed.

We are dedicated to continually improving our sustainability performance, with the full support and participation of our staff.

Sustainable Awards and Recognition

Trainings and Coaching with Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda Ltd

Our company received a sustainability Training from which aimed at increasing our innovative strategies on Sustainable tourism and to increase both performance and value for our company. Areas Covered:

  • Getting started with sustainable tourism
  • Documenting, Reporting and Communicating Sustainable Tourism
  • Working with Communities in tourism

National Geographic Traveler Magazine

The Adventure Issue October/November 2019

“My goal as a guide is to make every safari unique, educational, and fun.”
– Maggie Simbeye, CEO

This issue of Nat Geo Traveler lists Maggie’s Tour Company as a “Sustainable Africa Safari Company”. The article calls out the new generation of adventure travelers and the future of women-led African safari expeditions emerge. In a country where all guides and owners have been male only, Maggie and her company are truly art of 21st century Tanzania.

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