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She will truly change your life

Maggie made us fall in love with Tanzania… she was a big part of the reason we decided to come back. Every day she showed us just how involved she was with the community and how passionate she was to make change which inspired us. She has such a big heart and always puts other before herself. On safari, she was nothing short of amazing – she always made us feel safe, happy, and informed on our environment and the animals a part of it. We hope that everyone can come to Tanzania and have the opportunity to meet her and work with her. She will truly change your life.


Special and unique

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My wife, Connie and I went on a Tanzanian safari in 2016 where we met Maggie. From the moment we entered the land rover and heard her say “I am your mama. I will take good care of you!”, I knew she was a special lady. Her knowledge of plants, animals and the natural environment is deep and her love of all of Tanzania is always apparent. Maggie possesses a fun, inquisitive and highly engaging personality which added to the specialness and uniqueness of our trip.

There’s more to Maggie’s Tour Company than meets the eye!

If you have ever met Maggie, you know she is an amazing woman! The purpose of our trip was to collaborate with Maggie’s Tours in scoping out possible volunteer work areas in Karatu so that and Maggie’s Tours might be able to contribute hands on labor in reforestation and tree planting efforts in Tanzania. Maggie aced and toured us through the worksites, Lake Manyara National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. Everything was well organized. My personal heart touching moments were when Maggie had us meet with Masai and Gekrum Village community members.