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Enlightening and authentic

Our ten days with Maggie and our knowledgeable and intrepid driver Richard were an experience that will be with us for the rest of our lives. By the end of the first day, we felt that they were not just guides, but dear friends.

Not only did we see and identify over 125 species of birds and animals (including cheetahs, leopards, lions, rhino, elephants and giraffes), but — even more memorably — our interactions with Tanzanians were enlightening and authentic.

I appreciated the variety and uniqueness of the accommodations as well, from spa resorts to bush camps to park lodging. A fantastic experience!

Florence and Maggie

Amazing experience! Seeing the beauty and magic of the people and places in Tanzania, through the eyes of Maggie

When many people plan a trip to Tanzania, they only have wildlife in mind. Maggie and her team showed us the beauty of Tanzania’s people, the beauty of the landscape, and the wildlife! Professional, Welcoming, Friendly, Fun, Flexible, Affordable are all the different ways I would describe an experience with Maggie’s Tour. But most importantly, I would say that Maggie and her team make you feel at home and like FAMILY!

We, Conservation VIP®, have been collaborating with Maggie on a project in Tanzania for over a year and postponed our initial trip due to the pandemic. This January, we finally made it there! Thank you, Maggie, for collaborating and helping to plan this special project that will be a dream come true!

Special and unique

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My wife, Connie and I went on a Tanzanian safari in 2016 where we met Maggie. From the moment we entered the land rover and heard her say “I am your mama. I will take good care of you!”, I knew she was a special lady. Her knowledge of plants, animals and the natural environment is deep and her love of all of Tanzania is always apparent. Maggie possesses a fun, inquisitive and highly engaging personality which added to the specialness and uniqueness of our trip.