Meet Maggie

Maggie Duncan Simbeye first began working for a local safari company in 2008 where her “classroom” training moved from Tourism Training School to hands-on experiences in the bush. She was one of the very first women guides in Tanzania. As of 2018, Maggie is the only Tanzanian woman owning and operating her own Tour Company. Tanzanian women in business are very unusual in her country.

Her own love of learning and experiencing nature on all levels motivates her to make every safari trip special for her clients! She has a belief that we all learn from each other, so she invites all questions and asks plenty herself! Her extensive knowledge of flora and fauna is delivered with much enthusiasm. She has an incredible understanding of animals and their behaviors which adds so much when clients observe them in their natural surroundings.

maggie 325Her personal commitment to help others in the communities she encountered working as a guide, plus growing up in Tanzania, energized her to create the Dare Women’s Foundation in 2013, something she had been working toward since 2005. The Dare Women’s Foundation is a local NGO working to empower Tanzanian women and girls, with a focus on rural areas, through poverty alleviation, economic empowerment and gender equality. Maggie and the volunteers she manages are currently working on several projects related to conservation education, creating reusable sanitary pads, entrepreneurship, micro-loans, nutrition education and education advocacy for all children.

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Here is Maggie at the “Conference on World Affairs” April 2018

In Maggie’s own words “ I believe in four pillars of life: Gratitude, Love, Abundance and Compassion. I know that each and every one of us can make a difference in someone’s life if we reach out to others from these first three and extend compassion to everyone we meet. One person can make a difference! I have experienced this and take action to make a difference where I can.”

Her commitment to making a difference, along with the college students and professors she has worked with as a tour guide, paved the way for her to receive an invitation to speak at the 66th Conference on World Affairs in Boulder, Colorado in 2013 which was sponsored by the University of Colorado. She was nominated and chosen again to speak in 2018 at this same international conference.

Maggie also empowers young women by mentoring them to be tour guides, giving her time and support as they learn to become wage earners for their families.

Contact Maggie now to start planning your adventure!

Maggie never tires of exploring the landscape of her country, sharing details and stories of the natural surroundings. She may even invite you to a moment of silent reflection to take in the wonder of it all! African Women Stories and Tour Company Limited is a dream realized by this amazing woman! Plus she is a whole lot of fun!

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Just a simple explanation about the registered legal name “African Women Stories and Tour Company Limited.” We have shortened the name to “Maggie’s Tour Company” to make it easier for our clients to remember.

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