KARIBU RAFIKIS!  “Welcome Friends”   (in Swahili)

Jambo! (Hello!) African Women’s Stories and Tour Company was a dream birthed by Maggie Duncan Simbeye, a native Tanzanian woman, who is owner, interpreter, and tour guide. Because of her love of nature and extensive experience in the bush, along with a lifetime of interacting with local communities and tribes, Maggie can create an African adventure beyond your wildest dreams!

Many tourists are drawn to Tanzania because of it’s rich natural resources, mainly known as the “big five”. Maggie also values the equally rich experience of travelers engaging with local tribes. A past client wrote “I came with the idea that this trip was all about the animals but left knowing the people I spent time with is what it really was about for me! Yes, I saw thousands of animals and it was truly spectacular, but our experience around the campfires and spending time with the native people was priceless!”

From viewing the smallest insect to herds of elephants, from walking in the bush to star gazing around the campfire, from sharing heartfelt stories to creating art together, Maggie will work with you to create your custom safari.

Should you choose, you can volunteer at a local NGO (nonprofit) which Maggie started in 2005 and registered in 2013. Dare Women’s Foundation was set up to empower women and girls in Tanzania. Who knows, maybe you will leave Tanzania with a heart connection of dadas (sisters) or a lifetime rafiki (friend)?

Well then, now you already have several Swahili words in your vocabulary. Contact us to hear more about Maggie’s Tours and be prepared to add so much more to your life! maggiestourcompany.com

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