Women-to-Women Tours

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Traveling with Maggie offers women-to-women exchanges with local women and women living in the bush. Not only will your friendships deepen with fellow travelers thru this shared experience, but in exchanging stories, experiences and everyday life with African women, a very special heart connection happens. It is an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of another, to develop more empathy and compassion for one another and bring that experience in to your world. In the end, we find out how very much alike we are with our sisters around the world!

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A custom Women-to-Women Tour focuses on being in relationship with African women as well as all the other activities available to you, like hiking Kilimanjaro and animal viewing. This cultural exchange can include visiting coffee fields, bicycling around villages and rural lakes, visiting markets to buy food and cook with local women, making jewelry and so much more!

Every woman knows the value of her female friendships. Contact your women friends to plan a group trip together. Or if you are a single traveler, we can connect you with a group of like minded women. Maggie will make it memorable! Chances are you will make new women friends in Africa and have an incredible adventure together!

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