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Maggie’s Tour Company operates out of Arusha, Tanzania.

Your safari begins at Kilimanjaro International Airport, (JRO), located in the middle of the Kilimanjaro/Arusha Region. This makes Arusha an excellent and convenient place to begin the Northern Circuit of Tanzanian tourism.

Included in this circuit are well known National Parks such as the Arusha, Serengeti, Tarangire (which has the most elephants per square kilometer), and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in which the famous Ngorongoro Caldera (which many people still call Ngorongoro Crater) is located plus numerous others.

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If it is not cloudy or dark when you arrive, you can see Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance. The amazing Great Migration of millions of zebras, wildebeest and antelopes, all searching for better grazing, happens, in part, on the Northern Circuit which makes this adventure worth taking!

You can combine a Cultural Tour with a Wildlife Safari for a richer experience of Africa. There are more than 120 tribes in Tanzania each having their own unique traditions. Maggie can include in your safari, should you choose, time to meet and get to know some of these diverse communities. Many of our clients have found life changing experiences in these connections.

Another important value of Maggie’s Tour Company is that it is eco-friendly. As defined by the International Ecotourism Society, this includes “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people”. Maggie respects the land and honors it’s people. After all, it is her own backyard!


Maggie’s main goal is to make each safari unique, memorable, educational and fun! After she dialogs with you to discover what you love and have interest in, she will suggest an itinerary based on your ideas. Her knowledge of National Parks, hiking routes, camps, lodges, time of year you wish to come and local communities will give you that personal touch Maggie is striving to create for you. Not sure what time of year to come? Maggie can help you decide that as well.

Maggie has taken singles, couples, multi-generational families, college and university groups numbering 20 plus on safari adventures. Working with these diverse groups and their unique interests is the experience she draws on for you.

Contact Maggie to get started!

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