Cultural Tours

You can combine a Cultural Tour with a Wildlife Safari for a richer experience of Africa.

There are more than 120 tribes in Tanzania each having their own unique traditions. Maggie can include in your safari, should you choose, time to meet and get to know some of these diverse communities. Many of our clients have found life changing experiences in these connections.

These diverse adventures can include meaningful connecting and education by visiting and touring Chagga village and their caves where the Chagga tribe hid themselves during civil war, visiting waterfalls at Marangu village, visiting Maasai tribes and enjoy their unique dancing and learn more about their customs,

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and visit Mto wa mbu. Other options can give you time with Tatoga tribes, visiting coffee fields, bicycling around villages and rural lakes, cooking with local women or jewelry making. There are so many more fun options to explore when setting your agenda. These activities can be mixed in with your time during a Wildlife Safari or hiking.

You will find the African people are very easy going and friendly. Maggie’s rapport and long standing relationships with these tribes makes each experience fun and enjoyable! People appreciate coming to discover how different we are but also how very much alike we all are as human beings!


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